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  • Google Product Reviews Feed

    Does anyone submit a feed of product reviews to their Google Merchant Center account? (This will allow product reviews/ratings to appear on Google Shopping product listings.)
    I see that you can export the Product Reviews to a spreadsheet, but it doesn't contain fields for the product name or GTIN -- these are two basic requirements for the google product feed. How can I create a feed for product reviews?

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    Are you using a Core Template? If so, the reviews are embedded in your site.

    You can check it here:


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      Thanks. I am using a Core Template. I'm a little confused because the instructions I received from Google support say to do this to enable Product Ratings:
      1. Sign in to your Merchant Center and click on Product Reviews to register a new feed
      2. Provide basic information about your Product Ratings Feed
      3. Choose whether feeds will be uploaded manually or schedule a fetch for automatic uploads
      4. Provide further details in regard to the feed upload.
      So I see the reviews when I use the Structured Data Testing Tool but how can I create a feed from it?