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Upsell when product is added to cart

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  • Upsell when product is added to cart

    Is there any way to do this:

    Customer adds product A to cart.

    Customer gets a popup saying "Hey if you add product B to cart we will give you free shipping on your whole order"

    Customer adds product B to cart by clicking button in popup and gets free shipping on their whole order.

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    Hey Erick,

    I would love to see this too.

    I have seen this on many other carts, and think it is a great way to upsell something to a client, especially when you have hundreds of products.

    Its also a good way to introduce a new or relevant product to a customer.

    I found this in the User Voice, so I voted for it. I think if more people visited the user voice and voted, some of these great and very necessary options would be added by 3dcart.




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      Great idea RichiamOrganics and Erick ... I just voted in UV, and it would be great to see all kinds of different options. Free shipping is one... discounts are another... If the customer is in checkout, they are obviously close to buying and it is the right time to incentivize them to purchase more.


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        Hi massagestore,

        I think it is the perfect re-marketing/incentive tool.

        As you said the customer is already in buying mode, and the perfect opportunity will be lost if you can't capture them right there. And as I said earlier, it is a great way to show them products that they may never realise you have, or new products that are very relevant to their purchase.

        Unfortunately a lot of great ideas go to UV and die, because not many people visit this area. I didn't even Know it existed until someone mentioned it on the forums, which was over one year after I joined 3dcart.

        It would be good to get more 3dcart store owners to see these UV ideas. I am sure many would vote for them, especially if they realise the great advantage it will give their store/business.

        In April, I added a UV for "Buy X and Get X Free" which I have seen around quite alot -

        This is perfect for many B2B, and recently discovered that it can also work great for B2C businesses. Unfortunately it only has 6 votes, and soon will be Declined to lack of interest.