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Free Shipping (by product) Stopped Working

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  • Free Shipping (by product) Stopped Working

    Have had some products marked for Free Shipping for years and all of a sudden today upon checkout, the rate/method options appear and need to be selected. Free Shipping appears no where. Items show as marked for free shipping when browsing products. Nothing has changed on my end and I am at a loss...anyone have a clue as to what I need to look at to see why this isn't working?

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    Have you checked all the shipping settings under setting>shipping. We've had several setting turned on/off with recent version changes. Maybe something has been toggled off.


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      Thanks for asking. Joe. Yes I've gone back over everything and its been frustrating. (GoodNews though!)

      For 7 years we have had a "By Value" Order Amount Setup in Shipping Settings ($150) to qualify for Free Shipping. In addition to that we have had some products (from 12.99 and up) that have always carried free shipping (as "checked" in each product's info settings).

      All of a sudden this week only the "By Value" of total order is working.

      The reply to my support ticket told me "Since this value has been set as your [Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping] this condition will have to be fulfilled first before any other for Free Shipping to be granted i.e. the order has to be over $149.50.

      As you may know, there are a lot of ways to create free shipping and different areas to set settings (somewhat confusing) As I was typing this, I had a Clark Griswold moment (when he plugs up the Christmas lights) and wet back and removed the amount in the box for "Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping" located in General Shipping settings. This was overriding the same amount that was set in Methods/Free Shipping and overriding the by product settings.

      Maybe this is helpful to someone else (like me!) down the road.

      Thanks again and all the best.