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Wholesale Pricing - What am I doing Wrong?

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  • Wholesale Pricing - What am I doing Wrong?

    Here is what I need: We offer discounted pricing to certain wholesale customers. A Flat 15% off the price of every item on our store. We need this discount to be calculated on a PER LINE ITEM basis as many of our orders are going overseas and overseas customs docs need the discounted price per item.....(NOT a total discount offered.) I was under the assumption this should be a rather common type of transactional need. After 2-3 calls with tech support apparently this is NOT the case.

    Option #1 - Set up pricing levels for each individual item. As I have just under 6000 SKU's currently, the idea that we set up an individual price per item does not make sense. Yes I can CSV import the pricing, but on an ongoing basis when we adjust price of an item, we then would have to manually adjust the price of the individual price levels. A very slow and cumbersome option.

    Option#2 - Promotion Manager - We have created a customer group. Apply that customer group to the promotion. Set the promotion at 15%. HOWEVER, according to tech support, the little radio button that says "APPLY TO INDIVIDUAL LINE ITEMS" does NOT work when a percentage discount is being applied. This option is not viable, as we need the discount applied per line item.

    So what am I missing here? Today I have a 154 line item order that we will have to manually enter into 3d cart, and then adjust the pricing per line item on 154 line items. NUTS!


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    • Pick one of the many price level fields 3d has
    • Use their built in price editor to set that price level field with the 15% discount (Takes seconds for 6000 skus)
    • Create a "wholesale" customer group, then select that price level field for that customer group
    • Set the customers account the "wholesale" group
    When the customer (or you) logs into their account you'll see their pricing you set in that price field.


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      Perfect. Knew it had to be possible. The fact that 3 phone calls and 1 ticket and no one could come up with this solution is a bit concerning.......but we are good.


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        [QUOTE=JoeBTI;n78331][LIST][*]Use their built in price editor to set that price level field with the 15% discount (Takes seconds for 6000 skus)

        JoeBTI Could you please give more details how to set up 15% discount in price editor ..


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          Using this formula will put a 15% discount to whatever price field you want.