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Be Careful - Repeat Customer Functionality DOES NOT WORK

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  • Be Careful - Repeat Customer Functionality DOES NOT WORK

    Do not rely on this new functionality. We are finding numerous orders that are listed as "Repeat Customers" and it turns out the order we are looking at is their very first order. Not sure how the determination is being made that the customer is repeat, but in my mind as a merchant a "repeat customer" would be one that has a previous order on their account. Tickets in, highlighted in the release thread about 2 months ago, and no response from 3d.

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    Perhaps IP address? Just guessing. Most likely an issue for sure.

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      Do you allow guest checkouts? Maybe some of these customers ordered as a guest at some point.


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        I checked my repeat customers and mine are actually ones that have placed orders before. Perhaps 3dcart can tell you what determines if a customer is a repeat and you can troubleshoot it from there?


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          We do allow guest checkouts, and we do have mailing lists. Waiting for 3d development to get back to me to explain how it is being determined......examples are in, and keep getting notifications that they are working on it. I don't believe guest checkout, but that is one we will look closer at.


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            The problem appears to be fixed. 3d confirms it DOES NOT use IP addresses to determine what is a new customer or existing, however they were not interested in letting me know what the system uses to make that determination, just that it has been fixed......"Unfortunately, we do not have that information." OK..... An audit of 20 orders today, did not find any incorrectly determined.