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  • Find Shipped Orders with Balances

    I recently discovered an error that one of my customer service people made where they refunded an order, moved it to new status and then shipped it later even though there was a balance. So, I went to see if I could figure out how to audit that. I checked the order export file and order balance isn't an available field nor does it appear to be anything that I can filter by inside of 3dcart. Does anyone know of a method to isolate orders in shipped status which have balances?

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    With ours it is training our order fulfillment people, then the audit is when it imports into our accounting software. Most of our customers are long term repeat so if we shipped prior to payment accidentally, then it's usually not a problem to follow up after the fact. Additionally, we created custom order fields and an order is not shifted to be fulfilled until payment is processed. (We use delayed capture on the CC's, so it's crucial for us to capture when we ship.) A report within 3d would be helpful.


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      Thanks. I'm guessing that you get the payments directly from the payment processors and your accounting software correlates things. I haven't seen a way to export all of the individual payments or sum of the payments for each order from 3dcart so that I can compare that to the order totals. I don't know anything about using the API but I'm guessing that there's a way to pull out order balance. I'd love if someone else can chime in here. Maybe GonzaloGil might have a suggestion?