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The Complex World of Shipping

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  • The Complex World of Shipping

    So I'm fighting with myself over what to do about shipping.

    Costs have risen. We use all real-time shipping, and use a wide array of services- USPS, UPS, and Fedex. Unfortunately most of our customers are rural and or rural/residential, so they get knicked for those charges. Because UPS is still first in the options at checkout, we look expensive on small packages.

    I took away the UPS option for under 2 lb packages. I don't know if this is a mistake or not; I noticed right away that instead of clicking the USPS option, many chose 3-Day Select. I wonder how many walked away because they thought we were expensive.

    Seems we can't win. Keep the UPS Ground option and look expensive, or let them look for the USPS option.....

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    Boy do I feel your pain. After the recent USPS rate hike and being hit for the second time in one year by their increased costs, I spent much of the week frustrated by the impact that shipping costs have had on my business. I'm at the point where I will really be analyzing the items that I sell. Even though I may like the product, if I won't be able to ship it at a reasonable cost and without charging my customers an arm, a leg and a toe for shipping - I probably won't be carrying it.

    Right now I have a flat rate shipping setup. Many times I end up eating a small amount of the shipping. I'm also having to decide whether it's better for me to offer the lowest possible price or keep the prices closer to the MSRP and eat part of the shipping costs.

    It's hard enough to see and feel the impact that gas prices have had on us at the gas station, but it's frustrating to see and feel its impact on our bottom lines as well.