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Quickbooks Integration - Payment Amount Imported Incorrect

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  • Quickbooks Integration - Payment Amount Imported Incorrect

    Having an issue with the Quickbooks Integration. Recently we started importing both the Invoice and the Payment into Quickbooks. However, it appears that the payment being received in QB has nothing to do with what was actually captured/billed with the customer. Examples where this is a problem.

    Customer placed order. Emails and adds items to the order. We capture the original CC payment, leaving a balance due in 3d cart for the customer. However, regardless of the amount of the payment received against the invoice, the payment that imports into QB is ALWAYS the same amount as the Invoice.

    Is there a way for the actual amount of the payment received in 3d, to be what is actually imported as the payment received in Quickbooks. Bug or Intended Operation?

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    We finally received an update in regards to the 3d cart quickbooks integration. While the functionality explained makes ZERO sense from a business standpoint, I appreciated finally receiving a response after a couple of weeks.

    For Reference: The payment imported into Quickbooks is NOT TIED WHATSOEVER to the actual payments received in 3d cart. The payment will Always be Exactly what the invoice amount is.

    Where this is a problem is in transactions such as the following:
    Customer Places Order - Payment Captured. Customer calls and adds to the order. Additional Payment Captured. - The 2 payments will not be imported, only the invoice total, so reconciliation becomes more difficult than if no payment was recorded whatsoever.

    We have custom payment options such as Wire Transfer. Customer places order, selects wire transfer. Order is imported into quickbooks, and payment is imported into quickbooks. We may or may not have ever received the wire transfer or the amount may be wrong, regardless we know have a paid in full entry in quickbooks even when 3d shows no payment. Given these issues and the sales tax rounding nightmare the quickbooks integration is questionable in it's use for us. Bummer.