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3D Advanced Search versus Fusionbot, Doofinder, etc.

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  • 3D Advanced Search versus Fusionbot, Doofinder, etc.

    I am interested in people's experience in using 3D's own advanced search options, versus the paid options such as Fusionbot, Doofinder, etc. We are getting ready to roll a new site out and trying to determine benefits of these paid services. Our application is specialty auto parts - 5000-8000 Sku's. It appears there is much more customization available with the paid search options. Any endorsements or warnings?

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    We have been using fusionbot for awhile now and our customers love the search and variety of filters we added.

    If its auto parts, then I would say paid service would be the best option for your customers. Customers are most likely searching for a specific part when shopping auto parts stores. Paid search will allow to add any filters to the search results such as make/model, type of part (suspension, electrical, etc..), size and brand. In my opinion 3d advanced search wouldn't be good enough. The 3d advanced search would be fine if you had a store were customers were doing more "general" shopping.

    Fusionbot was our final choice since their communication was quick and informative. Other search companies were way over priced and the customer support seemed to lack a little.


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      I haven't started using it yet, but I made the decision to go with FusionBot because of their features, and also like JoeBTI said, their communication is quick and informative. The gentleman I corresponded with was fantastic. I actually can't wait to get it installed, but I don't have enough products yet in my store!! :eek: I'm working on that. ;) FusionBot seems to be fully customizable to whatever you may need to filter on.
      Connie Zimmermann
      (an eCommerce newbie)