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UPS SURCHARGE $24 on anything OVER 50LBS

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  • UPS SURCHARGE $24 on anything OVER 50LBS

    As of 1/1/2020: UPS is surcharging ALL customers $24 for shipments over 50 LBS.

    What is the easiest way to configure 3dcart to add this surcharge to all shipments over 50 lbs. Or does UPS automatically add the surcharge so we do not have to do anything in 3dCart admin?

    UPDATE: After talking to 3dCart support, it appears UPS is sending the surcharge over correctly to 3dCart on all orders 51lbs or heavier.
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    The rates calculated on your store will include the $24 surcharge if its over 50lbs. No different than before when it was at 70lbs.


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      USPS has a Markup box. If UPS has the same you would need to duplicate your shipping options, Making the first Weight 0-49 with no mark up, and the second 50 and up with the 24 Dollar mark up.
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        2 answers conflicting information.. hope a staff member from 3dcart can clarify this for us ASAP - thank you!


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          The surcharge is only on boxes 50lbs or greater. If you break things up into smaller boxes, you won't be charged. There's an area in the shipping settings called "package settings" where you can set max box weight. If you have products that weight more than 50lbs, there could be a conflict there.


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            A product that weights more than what is set in the "max box weight" will simply ignore this rule and calculate as 1 box at whatever that product weight is. Had 3d confirm this about 1-2 months ago.


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              UPS is sending the surcharge over correctly to 3dCart on all orders 51lbs or heavier. However if you have method set to 50lb exactly I suggest to add a markup on the shipping method for 51-150 and create a separate one for 0-50.