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Placing Items on Sale that use Product Options

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  • Placing Items on Sale that use Product Options

    How are other 3dCart customers placing items on sale that also use Product Options?

    For example, if you have a scented oil and it can be ordered as 6oz, 10oz, and 16oz, what is the solution? I know I can create 3 unique SKUs for each qty but if I want it to be just one product page, then you have to use Product Options. How are others doing this and specifically, when using Product Options, how do you put it on sale without confusing the customer?


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    You make the base level item the least expensive and add a featureprice/value (aka upcharge) for the more expensive items. 3dcart just adds that amount when they choose it from the dropdown. It's clear in the dropdown that the amount will be added. The sale price changes right on the page when someone chooses the more expensive option from the dropdown.


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      @zeltzer, that works in theory but tests of such pages result in high bounce rate (confusing the customer), not to mention making it very difficult to do price adjustments via excel. As the % off is inaccurate when you do it this way. Product Options lacks the ability to put something on sale and it make sense to the consumer.