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  • Product settings for GoDataFeed

    We are using GoDataFeed and wonder if there is a setting in products that would allow us to block a feed service from uploading that product. The cost for setting rules to prevent products from uploading to GoDataFeed is very high. We can filter out the products we don't want in Google Shopping feed after the product is loaded but we must pay more. Does anyone know of a product setting that would allow us to block uploading the product from a feed service? I realize that this is not really an issue for 3dcart operations, but thought I'd ask.

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    Try datafeedwatch we used to use GoData, and moved because it was cheaper with more features. You can limit items in feed with simple include and exclude rules. We now have moved away from them in just the last few weeks as 3dcart offers the feed for free. FYI the 3dcart feed is working great for Google and Bing.


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      Thank you very much. I'll look into data feed watch.