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Quick Cart Continue Shopping Glitchy Behavior

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  • Quick Cart Continue Shopping Glitchy Behavior

    Hello all, perhaps I am missing something here, but my quick cart behavior has changed since the last update. It used to be that I had it set for the Continue Shopping button on my quick cart would take customers back to the category / location that they had made a category based purchase from. Now, it takes them into the product that they just added instead. This behavior makes no sense because they just added it to the (quick) cart, so why would they want to be in said product at that point? They should be exactly where they came from. Has something changed in the referrer setting on 3d's side? Please do let me know if others are experiencing this and if there is a change that I am missing that needs to be made to change this behavior moving forward. Thank you, Andrew

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    Got it worked out... the setting must have been changed during the update. Quick and simple in the Settings, General, Store Settings, Checkout, View Cart Section (bottom), Continue Shopping Action.