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Order Confirmation Emails And eGift Codes

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  • Order Confirmation Emails And eGift Codes

    Has anyone successfully edited the Customer/Merchant Order Confirmation emails so that the Order Total reflects the use of an eGift Certificate/Code as payment- much in the same way the Order Total reflects the use of an Coupon/Discount Code? I am using the current version.

    I've long thought (and submitted the suggestion) this should be included not only in these confirmation emails, but in the order history view as well.

    - Duane

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    I really wish this Gift Certificate issue could be resolved so that the confirmation email AND the printed invoice reflect the correct amount charged to the customer.
    I receive weekly calls or emails from customers that use a gift certificate (from redeemed Reward points) on the order but then receive their confirmation email that doesn't reflect that the Gift Certificate was used. I just got this email today:

    "I just redeemed 300 points and then placed an order for xxx using the gift certificate code. On the screen it showed a $15 credit and order total of $37. Then the email confirmation showed the full price of $52. Why wasn’t the gift certificate applied to my order?"

    I'm ready to scrap the Rewards program because it is cumbersome and confusing to customers.
    Any help from 3dcart?

    - Julie


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      same issue here ...