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Local store inventory - available for same-day curbside pickup

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  • Local store inventory - available for same-day curbside pickup

    I drop ship a lot of my products but I want to add the ability to allow my customers to see which items are in stock in my local store so that they can place an order and plan to pick the items up. I don't want to just mark everything as out of stock which isn't available for pick-up on any given day. I use advanced options on some items already. In some way, I'd need 2 separate inventories to be reflected. Does anyone know how I might accomplish this with 3dcart. I can correlate the data with an export from my point of sale system and do the synchronization manually (via excel & SQL). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Not ideal, but do you have an open extra field to send your local on-hand availability to? Move the extra field block and re-label. Won't be live inventory, but if you can setup an auto-sync like every 10-20 minutes that should help. Only problem would be if most products use advanced options.

    Only thing I can think of right now.


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      Thanks. Yeah, I was thinking about putting a local availability message in an extra field and populating it using conditional logic. I don't have any way to automatically sync but I'll check into that. Making it easy for people to filter for items with potential local availability will be an entirely different challenge and I think that advanced options (or regular options) items. I also would need to make sure that it doesn't make all of my non-local customers decide not to purchase. I need a separate inventory and option inventory in 3dcart's database but I don't think that the platform is set up to handle this sort of thing.