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Preventing promotion abuse?

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  • Preventing promotion abuse?

    One of my customers made a second account to bypass the "one use per person" limit on a promotion I'm currently running. I would simply refund and cancel the order, but sadly the items the customer ordered were all digital, and they downloaded the files immediately after purchasing. My hands are tied on that one.

    Is there any way to prevent abuse of the system in the future? Ie, limit the use per identity, and not just by account.

    Thank you for any help.

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    something I've been wanting from 3dcart for a while that other carts provide is to limit a promotion to an email address. Sure, someone could use another email address, but it would help.
    Joe Arbogast


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      peachfaced Unfortunately the system uses the email address so if they create multiple email account they can essentially buy the item more than once. The best way to control this is to make the item only available to purchase if you're and a particular customer group. Then you will need to approve the merchants so you will know who has purchased the item.