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  • Froogle Not Working

    Hello everyone,

    Do any of you use Froogle?

    They have implimented a new system that keeps rejecting my uploads... There are a few categories that are not required, but it is still rejecting the product. For instance, it likes to is an ISBN. ISBNs are unique to books, not all products. It also wants to see "MPN" (manufacturer's part number). I do not have this for ALL products I list...

    Are any of you experiencing the same problem? I exported a new list from my admin panel (the one I use is one I made in excel so I can update inventory and prices), but it uses all of the old category headings...

    Any ideas? - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    Yes, I am getting errors on my froogle upload as well.

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      I had this problem. The issue was some of my descriptions were way too long for froogle. Also, they'll eventually reject your entire file if you have any not for sale items in your list as the user cannot buy those. It would be nice if the froogle plugin took these issues into account.

      I now save the froogle file to my hard drive, edit it in excel and upload it manually with the same field names the plugin uses.


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        thanks for the info. I'll try to work on it this weekend and see what happens. Any idea what the max description is? - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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          It is working now. It turns out I missed a required field when I setup the spreadsheet. It works now though.

          Not sure why the error didn't state what I was missing rather than running me around in circles with "recommended" data, not required data...
 - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors