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3dCart Raised Prices? Help with Migration to another company.

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  • 3dCart Raised Prices? Help with Migration to another company.

    We have been with 3dCart since 2012 - we upgraded as our business has grown. We just noticed, they went from $129/month to $160/month.

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    damiencaz I think only the legacy plans went up. They sent notifications out at the end of January.

    Changes to our Legacy Plans

    At 3dcart, we're committed to bringing you the best possible service and remaining fully transparent regarding any changes we need to introduce. We want to inform you about an upcoming change in pricing that will affect merchants using older 3dcart plans. Effective March 1, 2020, we're increasing the price of our legacy plans by 20%. The effective increase represents an average of $2/month-$7/month on average, depending on the plan.

    This price increase applies only to our legacy plans, which are the Nano, Mini, Starter, Gold, Basic, Standard Professional, Professional Plus and Power plans that were removed in 2016. If you're using one of our current plans, you will not be affected.

    Why are we increasing the price of legacy plans?

    When we restructured our plans in 2016, we did so to allow for new advantages to be brought to 3dcart stores, primarily the removal of bandwidth and product limits. Our legacy plans date back to our previous plan structure from before this time. While we feel that the current 3dcart plans offer both choice and scalability to our merchants at an affordable price, we kept the legacy plans available for merchants who didn't want to upgrade into the new structure.

    Since then, we've continued to improve our infrastructure at 3dcart, including the addition of a new Cloudflare CDN/Proxy service to improve both speed and security for all 3dcart websites. Merchants using legacy plans also benefit from these upgrades.

    While this means overall greater value for 3dcart store owners, it also means additional expenses for 3dcart. It's simply not cost-effective for us to maintain the legacy plans at their current rates while simultaneously supporting our current unlimited plan structure — hence the 20% increase on legacy plan pricing.

    We're committed to serving the needs of our merchants, which is why we didn't require a switch to the new plans when they were introduced — and why we haven't increased the pricing on our legacy plans since 2000, this is 20 years without a price change, up until this upcoming change. The 20% increase in price will allow us to continue supporting legacy plans alongside our current and future development, including our current unlimited eCommerce plans and expanding the tools and features available to you.

    We understand that this news may disappoint some merchants using a 3dcart legacy plan. As an alternative, we welcome you to switch to any of our current plans, which offer unlimited products and bandwidth, new features, and competitive pricing similar to our legacy plan structure. If you decide to move to a new plan and want some help deciding which would be the smoothest transition for you, please feel free to contact us. We also welcome your feedback — it's thanks to 3dcart customers like you that we can identify new ways to innovate and grow.


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      I would just stay put. By moving would hurt your seo, and it would be alot of work to do, and learn. BigCommerce went up on their plans as well. Still they got the Std plan $29.99, PLUS 79.95, Pro plan to 299.95 ( was 249.99) and then their enterprise plan.If you moved to Shopify, You'll be paying more b/c of each transaction fees, plus the apps you'll need. That will cost more money there. 3dcart still offers alot more than the others.. OHHH one huge thing to take into consideration how much you selling. BC limits are alot smaller than 3Dcart for your annual sales. Just food for thought there. :)


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        They did this to me about a year ago. I thought we had to move to the new plans then. No notice - back then, they just started charging me more. After I got over that aggravation, it ended up being similar. The main difference we do not like is they limited the number of users from what we had in the similar legacy plan. This was and remains an issue. The solution for us was to add a group user - a user that several people have access to. Really not that big a deal... We also looked at other platforms. BC and Shopify had also changed their plans and increased pricing... Read their forums before switching...


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          If you do decide to migrate to another solution, you need to be sure you can set up the same url's for your products. We had to move from eBay's ProStores when they shut it down and we did not move our URL's to 3DCart which killed our SEO. The old URL's will show on Google for a long time. I think there were other things we didn't migrate correctly as we were purely focused on the look and feel. You can find information online on how to correctly move your web host so you can make a plan. You also want to be sure that your new provider isn't hiding bandwidth and database costs behind the cheap monthly price they quote.