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Getting very frustrated with Tech Support

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  • Getting very frustrated with Tech Support

    The other day I noticed that whenever I get a new CRM from someone all their information has quotes around it. The name, their phone number, their email etc. I never noticed it before so I reached out to tech support and was told that will happen now if information doesn't match. I asked if the quotes around the email will prevent emails from going out - the answer was no.

    CRM requests came in and I was not getting answers from anyone so I tested this out - I created tickets logged in as a customer and as a guest and no matter what all info had the quotes.

    As a merchant I was getting the emails advising me the CRM tickets were created however I never received the email as the one creating the ticket. So if I am a customer contacting the site I would have no email with a CRM number or any confirmation it was sent. To add to the problem when I as the merchant went info the CRM Module and replied to one no emails were sent out. The customer would get nothing. I tried this with three different emails and all the same.

    The only way I can get a response to the customer is to go into the CRM module, remove the quotes, save it, then reply which is garbage.

    So in summary I open a ticket and am told the quotes are basically the normal now, then I open a 2nd ticket and told to remove the quotes - well that's great I have to go in and remove them manually for a reply - however that says nothing about the fact that 3dCart is adding them to start with preventing the customer from getting the original confirmation of the CRM.

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    1) Hi Chris,

    Thanks for reaching out to tech support to make us aware of this issue.

    So far what I can tell is happening that the system is not recognizing some of them as your customers which is why the quotes appear.

    Ex: Todd Michael does not have his middle name included in the customer list so it didn't recognize that name.
    Tanya does not appear to be a customer at all which would cause that issue as well.

    3dcart Technical Support Specialist

    2) No, the single quotes around the email address don't prevent it from being sent.

    3) Hello,

    I believe that this issue is due to the apostrophes (') added onto the beginning and end of the email address.

    To confirm, can you remove the apostrophes (via the admin) and then send the email to see if the response is sent/received.

    Of course the initial response doesnt explain why the quotes go around the subject and also the email.

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      cdarmssupply You are very right to be frustrated. I'm glad you mentioned this here. I went through and re-sent a bunch of replies to customers after testing this. I called 3dcart and was very clear with them that they needed to escalate this to the developers. I told them to contact you because they were giving you the runaround. I'd suggest that you make the phone call as well if you haven't heard from them. A lot of 3dcart merchants are likely angering a lot of their customers due to this bug. Luckily it only started a few days ago.


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        I will make the call - This just sucks. Most of CRM contacts are from active/retired military/Law Enforcement looking to obtain our military/LE discounts that we offer - these are sales and these customers have been thinking we are ignoring them.


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          I made the call - the rep had me on hold for about 10 min speaking to the developers and she indicated this is a known issue they are working on to resolve. This should not be happening. Hoping to a timely resolution.


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            same issue started on 04/16 with our store... frustrating


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              I received an email saying the issue was resolved and for the most part it seems to be - however when I submit a contact request I am still not getting an initial email (as the customer) with info on the CRM ticket - Maybe that never happened but I thought if I went to the site, used the contact form, I would get an email with te CRM # and all that.

              I get one as the merchant but as the one submitting the ticket I get nothing and that means if a customer had to add something to the ticket they would need to wait until we reply for them to do that (they get the ticket update email) - I have sbmitted a ticket as a guest and logged in and still nothing.

              Am I wrong thinking the customer always got an email confirmation of the ticket they submitted?


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                They advised me the customer does not get an initial email....Thought they did but I guess I was wrong.


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                  Yep, everything's fixed here