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    The Diamond Rose Template preview has a section/category for "Best Sellers". Great!!! - but how do I link to the section?? The pdf provided does not provide sufficient details. Has anyone figure out how to link to the section/product category "Best Sellers" ???

    I assume this is similar to the "Top Sellers" in my current template. There is a module to "Top Sellers"

    It would be really great to be able to link to these auto generated categories....

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    When a person clicks on the button in the template preview "Best Sellers" Where does that take them? What is the url of "Best Sellers"


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      Don't think there is a best sellers feature. I believe it was designed where you need to create a "Best Sellers" category, attach your best selling products and link it to that category.


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        Correct, however, there is a top sellers module.

        Great feature...that has potential for even more opportunities....

        It took about 10 back and forth communications, but apparently there is no way to use the top sellers module to populate a category and link to that category.

        I wish support would just say, no, it can't be done. This would save a lot of time.

        So, if you want a best seller section, you will have to manually populate the category and keep it updated - Apparently...


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          the top sellers is not a page but code that is added to the frame template that displays a widget on the side of the store on our older pages. A page would need to be created in order for this to properly work.