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10.1.4 upgrade weirdness with item names showing as image captions automatically

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  • 10.1.4 upgrade weirdness with item names showing as image captions automatically

    I was upgraded to 10.1.4 and I noticed that now the product name is showing up under the main product image automatically. It is showing up as the image caption even if the image caption field is blank for the product. Anyone else having this issue after the upgrade? Is there a way to make it stop putting the item name in the image caption field automatically? So far the only way I can get it to stop duplicating the product name on the page is to put something in the image caption field manually. Like a period which looks silly. I want to make sure I'm not missing something before I put in a ticket. I am concerned that Google is going to see this as being spammy or duplicate content. Thanks!
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    I agree, it's extra information that we do not need and did not ask for.

    I have a opened ticket in about this. No Answer so far


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      I found a workaround to remove that line:

      In the Alt Tag of the Main Image, enter some HTML with no content such as


      The line will be gone .
      (but we have to do this for all items)


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        nicolas_t I have almost 5K items so that is not something that I can do easily. I will have to put in a ticket later on today when I have some spare time. =(


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          You can hide it with css

          #imagecaptiont {
          display: none;


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            3dcart has published a patch. It's fixed

            Thanks 3Dcart


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              It is still happening for me. I tried clearing the cache twice. I'll put in a ticket.


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                Support told me to delete all the caption names by CSV which is not going to work for me since that field is blank. I also should not have to manually fix this sort of an error myself when it is the system doing it automatically. I don't want to lose my ability to use the image tag field or lose my alt tags altogether. Aaaarrrggghhh. Going to try responding to them again.


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                  YAY! I am fixed as of just now. Hooray! Thanks so much 3Dcart Devs!~