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  • Shipping Help Needed

    Due to the business I am in i am getting into a little bit of drop shipping. Im using Inventory Source and as I am testing a few products the integration is working pretty good...however the issue I am having is with the shipping setup.

    I offer a flat rate shipping option 0-50,50-150,150 or above pricing structure. The problem I am having is if I add a stocked product and a drop shipped product it is charging 2 flat rate fees. So if the customers adds a 10.00 product that I stock and a 10 product that is drop shipped they are getting charge $5.95 x2 instead one flat rate of $5.95 for orders up to $49.99. I dont know how to stop this.

    Im trying to get away from the stocked product options and the amount of stuff I carry is getting smaller and smaller - but while I am still stocking some items I need to have the shipping working correctly.

    Any suggestions?

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    Really looking for some ideas for this. I spoke to 3dCart and there is no automated solution on their end - Solution 1) Designate a company as a drop shipper that will create separate orders and have the customer get charged double for shipping. Solution 2) do not designate the vendor as a drop shipper and all items are lumped together and the customer is charged correctly but now I have one order that needs to be fulfilled by me and the vendor - which I guess I would to manually break up taking up far to much time.

    Seems 3dCart is not setup to handle products from two sources - one or none. I cant think of any way to setup a promo to take care of the shipping...

    I cannot do free shipping on one or the other since if the customer only orders a product from one they may or may not get charged depending on whose product it is.

    Cannot believe that 3dcart is this limited with the fulfillment by more then one source.