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Customer can't order product - Error occurs

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  • Customer can't order product - Error occurs

    This happened a while back with one of my products and at the time I was able to reproduce - but then I did 'something' that fixed it.

    At the time I created a ticket for tech support - but they couldn't find anything wrong.

    Both times my customers have been unable to order one of my jewelry products that has multiple options (size, charm, etc.)

    They get the following type of error:

    It kept saying that all choices were not checked, yet they were.
    Today I had a customer report this problem with my most popular product - my teacher's bracelet at this link:

    I can not recreate the problem and am asking the customer to let me know exactly what options she was trying to use when selecting the bracelet.

    Has anyone else run into anything like this? For the life of me I can't remember if I found something wrong the last time it happened or what.

    This really concerns be - I'm wondering how many sales I'm losing because the customer can't get the order to go through.

    Carla Ekman
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    For troubleshooting you may also want to ask the customer for other details such as operating system, OS service pack, browser (including version), etc.

    If you can't reproduce the problem immediately at least you can start to track if the problem occurs with one particular software configuration.


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      Yes, I have had this happen several of times. Why it happens I have no idea, because like you said everything that was suppose to be checked was. It didn't matter what the combination of options was either, it didn't work for any of them.

      To fix it, I deleted the product, and re-entered it into the admin panel and then it seems to work. I also found sometimes it doesn't seem to like the way the options were ordered. So when I let them order themselves any way they wanted instead of doing the way I wanted it seemed to get rid of this problem as well.

      I realize that technically doesn't make sense because it shouldn't happen, but it does and that is what seems to make it work again.