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Video instead of Picture Carousel?

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  • Video instead of Picture Carousel?

    Hello. First time posting. Was just wondering if anyone knew how to add a video to the homepage where the carousel slider would go? We wanted to add a video made for our shop instead of the circulating 6 picture carousel. Ive searched for a while on google and this forum and havent seen anyone mention it? Not sure if it has to be something custom made or if there is an option to tweak to get it to work?

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Have you tried embedding a video in the homepage content? Located under Content>Site Content>Home Page>Top Content.

    Otherwise I recommend both TangoPixel or TheCartDesigner for custom work. Both do great work with reasonable pricing.


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      Yeah, we put the video in the header area, but it just replaces our logo and then is seen on every page. I just wanted to have a video in the area where the carousel goes instead of using the carousel. But im guessing we will just have to edit the CSS file and try and embed it that way. Was trying for a simpler solution. Thanks for the feedback.


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        I believe you're referring to the "Global Header", which is different than what I mentioned. Try embedding the video under Content>Site Content>Home Page>Top Content.


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          Thanks. I misunderstood what you were saying. I will try that today and see what we can come up with.