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Restrict products by state?

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  • Restrict products by state?

    I sell a few products that can not be shipped to certain states. I clearly state this in the description but people keep ordering anyways and then I have to cancel their order. Is there a way to restrict certain products from being purchased based on the customers ship to location?

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    3dcart has a restricted shipping app that can handle this. I don't use it but I add a required and preselected option to some of my products that says "cannot be shipped to..." which helps me catch these things. It probably helps most of my customers in restricted states to decide against ordering.


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      I just looked at the restrictive shipping app and based on the reviews and Q&A, it's problematic.


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        Thanks for the input. I don't have the restrictive shipping module. For now I put an option drop down that warns customers.


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          I would contact the folks at Advanced Shipping Manager. This is the BEST add-on you can get for 3dcart and the support is outstanding. Well, worth the cost.
          Joe Arbogast