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Google Search Console - New AMP Issue Detected

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  • Google Search Console - New AMP Issue Detected

    I received an email from Google Search that a New AMP Issue has been Detected. The error is "Custom JaveScript not allowed" and it is affecting most of the product and category pages on my website. The script causing the errors is <script type="text/javascript">var _3d_cart = {"oid":0,"itemcount":0,"itemsum":0,"subtotal":0,"c urrency":"USD"};</script>

    Is anyone else getting this error? It just started yesterday, July 21. I haven't added any scripts but I recently enabled the "Allow Page Pre-Loading" feature. Could this be related to the errors on the AMP pages?

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    Also got the warning...
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      Yep me 2.

      The offending script:

      <script type="text/javascript">var _3d_cart = {"oid":0,"itemcount":0,"itemsum":0,"subtotal":0 ,"currency":"USD"};</script>
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        We got that warning also, Custom JavaScript is not allowed.

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          This Java script error seems to have been corrected - the number of affected pages is decreasing on google Search Console.

          Now, if the other Search Console error can be addressed: "The tag 'img' should be replaced with an equivalent 'amp-img' tag."

          Is anyone getting this error? I have it on all of my blog pages and don't know how to fix it.


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            JulieAndrus By chance, is that on blog pages? We found that blog pages that have related items are throwing this as the template needs to be updated...we are working on that.

            If its not a blog page, it could be that the product description has images and on AMP pages they need to be formatted a certain way
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              Yes, only the blog pages are affected -- on the items that I have tagged to the blog post.


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                I got it ... NOT a blog....