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  • Email Authentication?

    New customer here and still building out our site/store. We got email through GoDaddy for our domain which appears to be piggy backing off Microsoft. I have entered our business email address into the fields as I'm updating the email files but my question is - how does this system authenticate to my mail account for the purpose of sending messages like "Order Received", "Order Processing", "Order Shipped", etc.? I know the system is supposed to send those and yes, I'm giving it my email address, but how can it send mail on my behalf without authenticating to Microsoft first? Is there a setup step I've overlooked or does this just work "automagically"?

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    It has nothing to do with microsoft or godaddy. The system uses it's own mail server for transactional emails and uses smartermail for regular email accounts. You should look at the 3dcart support site for knowledgebase articles


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      I had reviewed the knowledge base before but wasn't finding anything. Dug deeper since your post and got pointed to the SPF record. My DNS is through GoDaddy so I've appended " ~all" to my existing record which, at the time, only pointed to Outlook. I'll have to make some test transactions later to see if the automated messages are working.