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  • Specific Functionality For Bonus Points Referral

    Setting up a new store and really trying to understand the Bonus Points For Referral option of the "Rewards Points for Customers" module.

    I have this active and configured for awarding 50 points. I have a test account that I used to become a member of my rewards program and, when I click the "Earn Rewards!" button at the bottom of any of my pages, I get the nice pop-up that shows my point balance along with some optional links.

    One of those links is for "Earn More Points" and, in that, I see the custom link for this user to share with friends/family. The documentation on this leaves a lot to the imagination so I'm hoping someone can explain to me what it's like from a customer perspective.

    1. If I share my link to my friend and that friend comes to my site, am I awarded 50 points just because my friend came to my site? (I think it says the person has to make a purchase so I'm assuming you wouldn't earn the 50 points if your friend just visits the site but asking to confirm.)
    2. If I share my link to my friend and he joins the rewards program, will I get those 50 bonus points? (Again, I think the friend has to make a purchase but asking to confirm.)
    3. If I share my link to my friend and he makes a purchase at my site, will I get those 50 bonus points? If he uses the same link again, will I earn another 50 bonus points? Thinking my friend could just place small orders over and over and over again, from my link, and allow me rack up bonus points. Is that not the case?
    4. Are there any reports that are available to demonstrate which users have earned points through this process and, quite possibly, who the link was shared with?

    We have a plan to use this but, depending on the answers here, we may be changing our strategy for this specific marketing tool.



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    Updating - I've now tested and still confused.

    I created some test accounts. We'll call them A1 through A5 (that's "A" for Account).

    A1 is a member of my loyalty program and, with that, I copied the link. Following the real world progression, I signed into A1s email and sent the link to A2.

    I signed into A2s email and click the link. The site opened and a pop-up box appeared stating that "[referusername] sent you". That has to be a glitch, possibly even something I've accidentally caused, but I'm sure it should show A1s name as opposed to [referusername] and there seems to be a missing line of text. At any rate, that's another story. Now, back to the bonusing. From this window, I have an option to Continue Shopping or Create Account. From here, I took no action and rather closed the browser without shopping or creating an account.

    A1 received no bonus points.

    I went back to the site (not by following the referral link), created an account, and signed out. It seems creating an account didn't trigger the bonus referral rewards.

    A1 received no bonus points.

    Had A1 send A3 the link via email. A3 followed the link, clicked the button to create an account, and, after creating an account, signed out and closed browser. Creating an account from the referral link didn't trigger the bonus points.

    A1 received no bonus points.

    Had A1 send A4 the link via email. A4 followed the link, clicked the button to Continue Shopping, added things to my cart and checked out. During the checkout process, I created an account for the rewards program. A4 shopping and creating an account on checkout didn't award A1 bonus points.

    A1 received no bonus points.

    Had A1 send A5 the link via email. A5 followed the link, clicked the button to Create Account, and shopped after account creation. Added items to A5s cart and checked out. After checkout, I returned to A5 profile and logged out and closed browser.

    A1 received no bonus points.

    I'm still trying to figure out what, exactly, triggers this reward to hit A1s account. Not sure if I'm not following the mysterious process or, maybe I have but I'm waiting on a scheduled job to run at a determined time once per day (or something) that will award the bonus points all at once.

    Are any of you here currently using the referral bonusing piece and, if so, can you explain to me how it works from a customer perspective?



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      Ok, following up again with another update. I had started 3 live chats with Support and all three times they seemed to be very confused about the request and closed the ticket short. Today, I called. He understood my confusion and said he would test. Surprisingly, this process didn't work in his test bed either. He created a ticket for me and says that the engineers are working on the issue. He did confirm that, for A1 to get bonus points, another account using his/her custom link would have to make a purchase. My question to that, then, was if the link would store that referral in a cookie on the friend's device.

      I'm thinking that if I send you a link referring you to a site for a product we both love, I think you would open the link but most likely not make a purchase at that very moment. Instead, you've seen the link while on the road or while at work or while visiting friends and you see the site but probably won't actually come back to it until later in the day or a following day. And even still, when you finally return, I doubt you'd make a purchase on your first visit.

      Ok, so my friend sends me a link to a new store that sells fancy watches. Sure, I like watches, and I'm glad he sent the link. I'm at work and follow the link to see the home page for the store. It looks nice but, I'm at work and will investigate later. Hours later, at home, I finally have relaxed from work, had dinner, and gotten the kids down for bed. Now I can view the page for a bit and, even still, I probably won't make a purchase on that first visit. I may not come back until my next payday or two weeks from now or maybe even next month. Trying to understand, then, if I finally make a purchase three weeks from first following the custom referral link from my friend, will he/she earn the bonus points?

      At any rate, hopefully they get this feature working soon and, once I find out about the cookie situation and the timing (or expiration) on that, I'll be sure to follow up here in case anyone else has questions about any of this.