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MAJOR ISSUE with phone order tab now with latest update

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  • MAJOR ISSUE with phone order tab now with latest update

    MAJOR issue now with last update using phone order tab! If I try and use multi page legacy and proceed through the steps once I select shipping method and try to continue it jumps back to "Item" not to final step of checkout where we can enter credit card info.

    If I use the new layout - no priority mail option shows at all - no way to use phone order tab now on 3dcart. Have used for years and it is seriously messed up now!

    Also had an issue with using options - if I had multi options and some were hidden (not currently being used) and you then tried to add that product with other options that were active the product would not add to the shopping cart at all like it was completely invisible. So I removed options not currently being used so now folks can add product to cart with current options available - very messed up as have used 3dcart for years.

    Main issue ATM is absolutely no way to do phone orders using 3dcart platform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes I am not thrilled with issues with updates.

    See the alert below - try adding shipping and takes you back to item tab - it's in a circle pattern and no way it will let you add shipping of any kind!
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    There was some issues but it was reported to our developers and they were able to correct this. There was a fixed deployed and everything should be working now.


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      Here's another major issue just happened with new update. I need to put a ticket into system.

      We have products that will have multiple options (ie container type and then type of honey) - I will attach .jpgs of what is now happening. If I hide say the options for "type of honey" and only show "container type" the item can not be added to the shopping cart at all. Click on add to cart and all that shows in shopping cart is nothing and the word "items".

      Doesn't matter what I put as options - if we have more than 1 set of options available and make 1 set hidden since out of season, etc. the system simply does not work.

      Have used 3dcart for years and have always had multiple option sets for our products. I then had to go into the system and delete multiple options that were hidden for products. This then means when we have those options available I will then have to go into each product and create those option sets again each time I need to use them.

      So basically if an option set is "hidden" from view - it makes the item folks are trying to buy impossible to add to the cart. I will attach .jpgs to show you.

      Very frustrated when updates happen and our stores are negatively impacted financially - caught this issue when a customer called to let us know.

      I have since removed all options from products that were hidden so items can be placed into the shopping cart.
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        Yes please create a ticket with the details and provide the id. I can have someone look into this and get back to you soon as possible.


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          Ticket number UJQ-987-98211 - thanks! It will explain how to replicate the issue.


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            ebeegirl Thanks for the ticket, I was able to replicate the issue and get it submitted over to our developers for review. I replied to the ticket also, once we hear back you will get another email. Thanks for your patience while we investigate this!