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Customers Not able to complete order - Is there a log or more info?

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  • Customers Not able to complete order - Is there a log or more info?

    We randomly get customers who can't finish their orders. Sometimes they will show up in incomplete orders AND have a visible reason, but more often we are just guessing where it went off the rails.

    If they are a nice customer, you can sometimes get them to tell you which browser, if they get an error, etc, but more often, it is Karen and she is just pissed and not helpful at all. I am sure a lot of times, the error is something they are doing, but we have no way to tell that (that I know of)

    So, my question: IS there a more detailed log we can look at and see exactly where the order is stopping? It might be there and I just don/t know where to look :)



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    Our site has also experienced these problems. NUMBER ONE priority at 3dCart should be a no hassle checkout. When I personally have a check out problem on a site, I move on.
    3dCart has been fixing these problems, but I wish they would quit breaking the check out.


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      We have been having a similar problem with one of our stores. After several weeks I think I have tracked it down to customers who are using iOS 14, which was released in September and is now starting to show up on more Apple computers and phones.

      In the case of a customer with iOS 14, I am seeing a Javascript error that seems to be generated by the /web/assets/templates/common/checkoutValidate.js file when you click the Submit button on the checkout page. Specifically, the error in the console is:

      'TypeError: objForm.onsubmit is not a function. (In 'objForm.onsubmit()', 'objForm.onsubmit' is null)'

      I am no Javascript programmer, so I am not sure what this means or how to fix it. All I know for sure is that the error only seems to show up for Apple iOS 14. Every other OS and browser that I have tested work fine.

      I have submitted a ticket about it (#XSB-498-90273) to 3cCart support and am anxiously waiting to see what they say as we are getting more and more reports from customers about not being able to complete checkout.


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        I had the same problem and each customer that called was using an iphone. I made a post about it a few weeks ago. I solved it (hopefully) by upgrading to a core theme. I was on an html5 older theme.


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          We are using html5. Switching to a core template is not an option for us.

          The good news is I did hear back from tech support and they are working on the problem. So hopefully it will be fixed shortly.


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            warrisr 3dCart has a KB article that they're going to stop support for HTML5 and older templates after the 4th quarter. Might be something to think about...


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              SO, both of these last two issues have been the customer putting stuff in the cart but then the cart being empty when they click checkout. But incomplete orders show on my end.

              Anyone else run into this?




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                DaveW I havent had that issue on my site. I tried it on FireFox, Chrome and didnt work for me. Using 10.3.5 Version with a new template.

                Choice Checks


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                  DaveW That error does crop up periodically. It might have something to do with a corrupt or missing cookie file in the user's browser. I've seen it myself over the years and it's always resolved by clearing cookies in the user's browser or just adding the item to the cart a second time. I'm not sure if the fault is 3dcart's or just a glitch that happens periodically when transmitting cookie files over the internet.