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System not sending RMA emails - Disappointed in 3dCart

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  • System not sending RMA emails - Disappointed in 3dCart

    So when RMA's are created no emails are going out to the customer. Had this issue a while ago and was told it was the DKIM setting, I never turned it off but it was. Customers now are complaining again they are not getting emails for RMA. We are at the busiest time of the year when it comes to RMAs and after looking into it the best answer I get from 3dCart is 'This will be fixed in the next version in January' - thats nice...Jan 4, 10, 20? When? So now everything has to be done manually which is a complete pain in the a$$.

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    Same issue for us. Very frustrating. Hopefully they fix it this week.


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      The fix is not until the next version which will be 'sometime in January'


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        But they told us we were the only ones having this issue. It's been going on for over 2 months now for us.