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Popup window when trying to add certain items to cart?

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  • Popup window when trying to add certain items to cart?

    Ok, I have a pretty straightforward store with normal stock items. I do have a small handful of custom items that take 2-3 weeks for production. Even though I have the availability set to show "CUSTOM ORDER ITEM - will take 2 to 3 weeks for production" for these items, and it is in red when the rest of the page's text is black, I am getting sick and tired of people calling and emailing saying "I ordered this item a week ago and I don't have it, yet. When am I going to have this product?"

    What I would love is for when someone adds this item to the cart, that a popup window shows up where they have to OK the text that this item will take 2-3 weeks to be produced before it is added to the cart. I'm sure that people will still complain, but at least I can say you acknowledged the wait time. Is this something that could be added to our site? Like I said, there are only 2 or 3 items I would need this for - NOT the entire site.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure about the pop-up. You might try the cart notices app. You can also just add that text in your description or an extra field and make it bigger


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      That is an interesting app, and I may look into it for other reasons, but unfortunately, if they are no reading the warning now that the product will take 2-3 weeks to ship, I'm not sure they will notice text in the cart saying the same thing. My hope with the popup window is they would not be able to continue until they OK (and hopefully read) the message.


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        You can create a 'checkbox' product option for those products that states the production lead time. This will force them to check it before they can add it. I'm pretty sure this will also be shown on the order confirmation they receive. We do this for products that can not be returned and has worked well overall.


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          I second JoeBTI Anytime there is an item that has a lead time or a requirement, just add an item option as a required checkbox. That allows you to receive their acknowledgement whether they read it or not. Best part is it doesn't cost you anything but time.

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            JoeBTI , That works perfectly! It doesn't necessarily mean people will read it, but hopefully, this should reduce the "where's my product - it has only been 3 days" calls.