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    Trying to get an update now - speaking with support - no idea on time frame right now. When 3dcart does updates this would not impact the API's between platforms would it?
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      9:30pm EST: Here is what I have been told in my 3 phone calls to support today:

      1. It was scheduled maintenance because of the new company
      2. I would receive a call back in 1 hour from management to give a timeline for the fix (that call never came)
      3. It is a Show Stopper ticket and devs are working on it as we speak
      4. Rest API was updated over the weekend and the update finished Sunday night

      Shipstation called me and offered to help in anyway they could, they are currently pulling logs and trying to help 3dcart understand where the issue is.

      GonzaloGil Do you have an ETA?


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        What version is everyone running?

        Our production site is 10.3.5

        Our Dev Site is 11.0.1 and it is working with Shipstation


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          11.0.1 DOA between 3dcart and shipstation


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            Just now received this response back from 3dcart - does this mean that with every update our website which is a core theme is going to have issues?


            We thank you for your patience while our developers worked to correct this issue. Our developers have created, tested, and deployed a globalfix for this issue. Please allow a few minutes to an hour to update on your site. We thank you for your patience.


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              We are still experiencing this issue - is anyone else fixed yet??


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                I am now reaching out to shipstation as we are still not connecting to shipstation.

                Monika G. at shipstation was live with me in about 10 seconds - they are working with 3dcart as the issue despite the email I received last night from 3dcart that everything was resolved is not the case. Monika at shipstation created a ticket over at shipstation for me as well.

                When shipstation tries to connect with 3dcart we get no errors the icon in upper right at shipstation just spins and spins and spins. Hoping they can figure this out.


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                  We are still not connecting


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                    3dCart has been having issues with their REST API servers. We had an issue a couple weeks ago where we couldn’t update pricing and stock due to a 503 error for a certain URL. Was down for about a week.

                    Super Frustrating...


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                      What makes it more frustrating is when you get an update on a ticket saying the fix is coming shortly or it has already been done and 12 hours later the issue is still there.


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                        Good morning,

                        Agreed! The issue is now global with REST Api, as we have now lost our Klaviyo connections as well!

                        We are using manual order import for ShipStation, but that took some mapping to get correct.


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                          Got this email last night from 3dcart around 9:30

                          Thank you for contacting support. This issue has been looked into by our developers and an update is currently being rolled out and will be corrected shortly.

                          Still not connecting. Our eBay store is connecting and importing orders.


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                            We were just updated to Version 11.0.0

                            We are now seeing a 401 or 403 error for Shipstation as seen below:

                            Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 9.00.54 AM.png


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                              Hello everyone, we apologize for the recent issues occurring with API connections. The developers are aware and working to get this resolved soon as possible. Please try disconnecting and reconnecting the app again if possible to see if it works. We've had a couple of merchant try this and have been able to resolve the problem. If you still are having issues after reconnecting the app please submit a ticket with the details so we can update you once its corrected. If you already have a ticket please give us time to get this resolved. Thanks everyone!


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                                Same story over here. It's still not resolved as of now.