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Cart emails blocked to customers

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  • Cart emails blocked to customers

    I am SO frustrated - and for the first time with 3DCart support.

    Over the last few weeks I have had all emails to any customer with a email address (roadrunner) get blocked.

    This includes brand new customers who don't get their New Order automated email.

    The error I get is :

    <<Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server.>>

    I am completely unable to communicate to these customers and I have quite a few of them.

    I've had this happen occassionally in the past with various domains that my customers have and I've ALWAYS had to have the owner of the web service administrator contact the company and get it resolved.

    3DCart is telling me this is completely my fault and I have to take care of it - however the blocking domain will only work with the service provider - not me.

    3DCart says it is my DOMAIN NAME that is blocked and I own that so I have to resolve the issue.

    However I believe it is the IP ADDRESS that is blocked and I DON'T own that - 3DCart does.

    I Don't send emails to anyone who doesn't sign up for my sales notices. I don't think I send an overabundance of emails (2-3 a month at most - sometimes none) I use and follow all of their SPAM rules.

    My automated emails from my cart are blocked in addition to those I send directly and those I send via ConstantContact.

    My previous service provider always took care of this in a timely manner and I'm at a loss as to what to do.

    Any help is MUCH appreciated as I can't contact these customers about their orders (via email). 3DCart wants me to contact them (via phone I guess) and ask them to please let know I'm an OK domain. Right! Like I'm going to ask a brand new customer to do this for me via phone. Talk about an unprofessional first impression.

    Please help if you can - If I'm not understanding the problem correctly I would appreciate any education you can provide.

    If you can tell me how to contact and get this resolved I will be forever thankful.

    Thanks for any help
    Carla Ekman
    Cobweb Corner
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    OK - I sent an email to general support for Roadrunner and they directed me to this link:

    However my specific error message isn't on there.

    Also - how do I find my IP address for my outgoing emails?

    Carla Ekman
    Cobweb Corner
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      My automated emails from my cart are blocked in addition to those I send directly and those I send via ConstantContact.
      I don't know how to proceed, but I beleive that 3d Cart is correct. The problem is because your domain name is blocked at RR. The 3 methods above would all send from different IP addresses and the only constant would be the sending domain name.

      I'm not sure how to fix this except to try to get off RR's blacklist.

      I keep a Gmail account (and address) in order to communicate with customers who's emails bounce for various reasons.




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        Actually I stand corrected - I just checked my blocked email list from the last email I sent via Constant Contact and emails were NOT blocked.

        Here is the response I get from

        Please contact your web page server/host as you are using them to try to
        email Road Runner customers.

        The error is a result of your mail server from your web page.

        Thank you for taking the time to contact Road Runner.
        Road Runner Abuse
        Then the response I get from 3DCart


        That is their standard response. You will probably need to call them.

        As I have stated before, we are unable to assist you with this.

        Thank you for using 3dCart,

        Robb Muise
        Technical Support Specialist
        OK _ Ma'am ???!!?? I'm so disgusted. I truly believe 3DCart could resolve this and should resolve it - but they refuse to even discuss the issue with me.

        I don't even think I'm actually blocked - I think something is wrong with the way it is sent from the mail server - but no one will work with me to verify this. I've looked this message up on Google and I don't find anything that refers to IP's being blocked - more like missing footers or things like that.

        Since the emails are AUTOMATED by 3DCart - how is this my problem and what can I do to correct it?

        Does anyone know if EVERY 3DCart customer gets a unique IP address for their emails or do we share? (for mail coming directly from our cart?).
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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          I forwarded the entire header of one of my returned emails to Road Runner here is their response:

          This is a problem resulting from your
          web page/web server mail.

          They cannot refuse you since you pay for hosting which includes
          Please try to contact your web hosting provider as they manage your mail
          server. We do not since you are using a PRIVATE DOMAIN and a PRIVATE
          MAIL SERVER.

          This error is coming from your Domain Web Server - not RoadRunner.

          Unfortunately what you forwarded to us doesn't contain any error

          We apologize for any inconvenience.

          Thank you for taking the time to contact Road Runner.
          Road Runner Abuse
          I really think it's not a blocking thing - any other ideas??? Waiting to hear from 3DCart - should be interesting. I dont' tend to give up on these things - but will admit I'm wrong if it turns out to be something I'm doing on my end.

          Could I have modified a cart email that is automatically generated (New Order email) so that it was incorrectly formatted? What would I look for?

          C Ekman
          Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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            OK this is just wierd. I just received this email to my inbox:

            Return-Path: <[email protected]>
            Received: from [] by with SMTP;
            Wed, 2 Jul 2008 15:43:36 -0500
            Received: from (localhost.localdomain [])
            by (Postfix) with SMTP id 59D574590CB
            for <[email protected]>; Wed, 2 Jul 2008 13:43:45 -0700 (PDT)
            Content-Type: Text/Plain; charset=iso-8859-1
            Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
            From: "Domain and Hosting Support" <[email protected]>
            Reply-To: "Domain and Hosting Support" <[email protected]>
            To: [email protected]
            MIME-Version: 1.0
            Message-Id: <[email protected] om>
            Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 13:43:45 -0700 (PDT)
            Subject: Other [Incident: 080702-001589]
            X-RBL-Warning: MXRATE-ALLOW: "GOOD SENDER"
            X-RBL-Warning: NOABUSE: "Not supporting [email protected]"
            X-Declude-Sender: [email protected] []
            X-Declude-Spoolname: 56800454765.eml
            X-Declude-RefID: str=0001.0A090206.486BE88E.01BA,ss=1,fgs=0
            X-Declude-Note: Scanned by Declude 4.3.46 for spam. ""
            X-Declude-Scan: Incoming Score [1] at 15:43:55 on 02 Jul 2008
            X-Declude-Fail: SENDERSCORE [5], MXRATE-ALLOW [-5], NOABUSE [2], ZEROHOUR [0]
            X-Country-Chain: UNITED STATES->destination

            Your question has been received. You should expect a response from us=20
            within 24 hours.

            If you would like to update your question, please reply to this=20
            message or enter your reply between the brackets below.

            [=3D=3D=3D> Please enter your reply below this line <=3D=3D=3D]

            [=3D=3D=3D> Please enter your reply above this line <=3D=3D=3D]

            Question Reference #080702-001589
            Summary: Other
            Date Created: 07/02/2008 01:43 PM
            Last Updated: 07/02/2008 01:43 PM
            Status: Emergency
            LOGGED IP:=20
            ACCT NAME:=20

            Domain name

            CURRENT URL

            SESSION CODE

            Discussion Thread
            Customer - 07/02/2008 01:43 PM=09
            Name: Carla Ekman
            Acct Name: COBWEBCORNER.COM
            SiteID: 9999 (changed - not sure if it should be public??)
            Email: [email protected]
            Domains: COBWEBCORNER.COM

            Problem type: Other
            Importance: Emergency
            Description: TECHNICAL ISSUE YOU MUST HELP ME WITH!!!!!!!

            My emails to some domains are being bounced back stating that my mail ser=
            ver cannot reach them. You are my mail server for my domain and I need yo=
            u to assist me. This is not a Road Runner issue and we are not being bloc=
            ked by road runner per this page:

            Comments: The message I'm getting is:

            <<Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being=20

            unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server>>

            someone filled it out as if they were me. I don't know who sent it. 3DCart???

            I do NOT consider this an emergency - just want it resolved. And I don't title my tickets in all caps with '!!!!!'

            Not liking that this ticket was put in 'somewhere' without my consent and in wording I wouldn't use.

            Did anyone here submit this to try to help?? If so I appreciate the help - but where was this submitted to and how will it help?

            C Ekman
            Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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              No, we did not send this in, most likely this was sent by your friend at RR that is not getting your emails.

              I will ask that you please update your support ticket with a contact # at RR if you would like us to contact them. This type of problem is not something that a forum user will be able to help with. I do know that the IP of the server is NOT on any black list, and i am able to send emails to @rr from another domain on that server (i have a RR email address at home), so it must be something with your @domain. If you know someone @ RR we can talk to please update the ticket and we'll do what we can.
              Gonzalo Gil
              3dCart Support
              800-828-6650 x111