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Let's get this forum moving!!!!!!!

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  • Let's get this forum moving!!!!!!!

    I'm Mark, and I've been an ecommerce retailers starting our third year. I will be posting threads to try and get this forum moving! I want to learn and share any info/tips/ or other strategies that can benfit community

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    Wow! Mark! I don't know if people are following you but there were more posts in here yesterday than I've seen in a long time!

    I totally agree we all need to help answer each other and provide tips. Especially now since the guys are so busy with the upgrade.


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      Come On!
      Let's talk!
      What mods are YOU making?
      What worked for YOU?
      What do tips do you have to share? :)


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        I've started using PDFs and have setup file manager with all my "click here for more information on this product" links. And, I set it up to open in a new window as well.
        Manufacturers we have teamed with offer promotional PDFs that we now link to from our product descriptions. This may inflate our bandwidth usage, but, we'll see. One of our marketing strategys is to offer the most compehensive information and spec sheets available for all of our products. We perceive this as customer service. As well, this adds valuable content that search engines like to devour.
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          This may inflate our bandwidth usage, but, we'll see.
          Actually if you are not hosting them and just linking to them then your manufacturers will be paying for the bandwidth. :D


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            Actually, I want to host them. Looks more better that way.


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              Come On Folks! :eek:
              I wanna make money, you wanna make money, 3dcart wants to make money, it's the American way!!!! :)
              We need to share tips, concerns, problems, issues, ideas, tip, tricks, cost saving initiatives, googlebase stuff, analytics, etc.....
              I have two webstores currently running and want to bounce stuff off you guys! Let's share ideas, tips, configs, layouts, templates, etc and we can all benefit. The neat thing about this forum is that we're NOT competitors!!!!!!!! :)
              No one knows your site, what you sell, or whatever, so, share your tips and secrets! :D