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Is there a list of variables/field names?

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  • Is there a list of variables/field names?

    Is there a listing of field names or code blocks or whatever they are called. I need to find out the variable code so I can use them to call up fields in emails, or other. Example, I need to display the COST, RETAIL PRICE and OUR PRICE for example. I need to know the [variable] code name.

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    I don't know if there is a list of variables. I commonly refer to the 3dcart template guide for help.

    Between that and searching on the website and searching these forums, I've usually been able to find the piece of code that I'm looking for.


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      Yes, I've seen that guide. It's not there, that I can find. It would be helpful if they have a listing or table or something.


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        There are some fields that cannot be used on some pages for some reason. I'd be willing to bet that if it's not on that guide, you probably can;t use it where you want it to go.


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          Yeah, probably so. Well, for everyone's benefit, let me tell you why this drop ship email solution wont work. Number 1, like I said, the distributor needs the wholesale cost, in their purchase order email. 2nd, we need to pre-auth all charges and review prior to shipping. So, we cannot use this feature. Useless for us, not sure about others. It was a neat concept idea, but, really wont work in the business world. I never do a post auth blind. If there was a method to stage up the drop ship email, this might work. Initally, I was very interested, and, did some faux testing, but, there is just no way to stop the email going to distributor prior to validating the credit card charge.


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            Could you just have all of these go to you and if they are ok after you review them you could just forward along to your distributor? I agree that I would want to review/approve them first.


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              yes, I guess we could do that. Additional step involved. We currently use fax and both us and the distributor have to "re-type" info and the possibility for errors. Also, not ready way to import via fax. Anyone share any ideas how you securely automate orders to distrbutor?