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  • Need to Resize Your Images

    Just a note, I use Photoshop Elements and when I upload an image, it's rather large. And, as a result, this impacts my bandwidth allotment when folks visit my website. So, I use the image edit feature to resize the image so that downloads on pages views are minimized saving on bandwidth.

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    Hi Mark!

    You could also resize the images using Photoshop Elements! The "Save for Web" function is also handy! We use it to save our resized .jpg files to .gif format. Usually creates an even smaller size file!



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      frik-n-frak is right. we use photoshop to optimize our images as well. You can take the percentage size down so the download and size are a lot smaller. :)

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        For editing the photos nothing beats Photoshop, but for converting images for the web and optimizing to the smallest file size while maintaining quality the program with the best features and algorithms seems is Fireworks IMHO.


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          We use the Photoshop Tools>Web Gallery feature in Adobe Bridge, which came bundled with Adobe Creative Suite to batch resize all of our images in Photoshop. Bridge automatically opens up Photoshop and then with a click of a button - a folder full of images is automatically resized to our specs. We organize the folder by supplier. So far, this has worked really well for us.


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            OOOooooooo... I gotta look into THAT!

            Kewl man!



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              I have used batch resize in both Photoshop and Fireworks and they do save time if you need many images optimized to the same dimensions and quality. Definitely worth using if you need this.


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                How can I use Photoshop elements to batch resize?

                Currently I open up Photoshop elemements Full Edit. Then I scan each picture in. Then I select eact picture individually and do an Image ->Resize Image and set the percentage and change the resolution to 250 PPI - this gets most images down to around 50 KB

                BUT - I would LOVE to be able to do this all in one step. How can I get all of my individual scans in one resize step?

                C Ekman
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                  A quick google turned up this article, but I cannot vouch for it as I don't use Photoshop Elements.


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                    mueller - Thanks for the post. I played with this for quite a while yesterday using Photoshop Elements 6. I scan each image in - then do a batch resize. It works very quickly and is very easy - but my images are larger than they were with the old program I used - so I'm still playing with things to try to decide how to resize them and keep them small.

                    For my purposes most of pics don't need a lot of detail. I have over 12000 pictures (not all loaded products yet). My customers that purchase cross stitch from me will sometimes view over a thousand pages before completing their purchase - so bandwidth is a huge problem for me.

                    I try to keep my larger pics around 50 KB and my thumbnails 8kb or less. For my jewelry I sometimes opt for more detail.

                    Thanks for the link - I appreciate these kinds of posts as they lead to things I haven't tried before.
                    C Ekman
                    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                      No problem cekman. Keep in mind that anything over 72DPI is generally considered a waste on the web unless someone will be printing the image and in that case you could offer a link to a larger version. Not sure if you are already optimizing down to this resolution but it may help with bandwidth if you aren't.


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                        mueller - I'm assuming DPI is the same as PPI? If so - then no - I'm going much higher - 200 - 250 PPI. I'll try lower PPI and see if that helps. My pictures of my cross stitch books need to have at least some good detail so my customers can get a good idea of what the designs in the books look like. Thanks again for you input!
                        C Ekman
                        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner