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    Trying to figure out how to do this...I want to show the 'star' ratings for products that have been reviewed on the main catalog and search pages underneath the product name.

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    I can't get anyone to review a product. :(
    Had it out there for two years and not a single customer did a review......
    Has anyone in the 3dcart community had a review? :confused:
    Just curious.
    I don't take alot of stock in it, but, I just don't think folks these days have time or reason to leave one. maybe back in the old "eBay" days........ :rolleyes:


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      We have had a few customers use it. Whenever anyone writes us a "thank you" email, or compliments a product via email, we transfer that information on to the review ourselves.


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        I'm hoping to use it in the same way as rrw - more a testimonial than a review.

        I'm going to mention the ability to do reviews in one of my newsletters and see if that helps. It is way at the bottom of the page and not that easy to notice.
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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          I had to turn off the feature. There is no way to edit the review form. I didn't like the required info and there was no way to change it. :(


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            yeah, it makes no sense to require things like the customer's email address for them to write a review. The current process discourages customers fro writing reviews as it asks for too much personal information. I hope this is changed in the new release.


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              Review Spam and Phony Newsletter Subscribers

              It is a good idea to require an email address and it should require at least a couple of steps more. We have had some reviews containing garbage messages and spam links to other websites. There have also been some newsletter subscribers with spam names and email addresses.

              We need a double opt-in vs. the single opt-in we currently have. Some carts have this feature. Some make both options available.

              Double opt-in systems send an automatic email requiring a reply in a set amount of time (perhaps controllable by the merchant). Without this reply, the review or sign-up would automatically delete.

              Double opt-in tends to produce fewer sign-ups because some sincere people will miss or not respond to the automatic email. However, you are more likely to end up with highly targeted newsletter prospects as well as sincere reviews.

              The non-response problem can be somewhat ameliorated with a message, during the submission process, letting them know an email response is required and asking to set their spam filters to allow email from your specified address to pass. All they need do is reply to this message to acknowledge the review or signup is legitimate.

              If this were tied in to ip address blocking, it would be helpful in preventing "repeat business".


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                I wasn't able to use the newsletter feature. Instead I use ConstantContact - which I love. Extra $$ of course - but the flexibility is great.

                I needed to allow my customers to be able to sign up for a type of email. For example - my jewelry customers don't care to get emails about cross stitch and vice-versa.

                I wasn't sure how to do this with 3DCart so just kept my ConstantContact subscription. Plus I've never had any problem with 'fake' subscribers.

                I love all the reporting features I get, and found I've been able to use the ConstantContact account for many other things including personal uses like connecting to my volunteers at church, creating email lists for party invitations etc.

                Sorry - this is off topic with the title of the thread - for Reviews. At least the review feature does allow you to edit them before having them automatically post - so if you do get garbage you can delete it.
                C Ekman
                Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                  i get lots of reviews, you should send out an email bulleting offering to give anyone who leaves a product review a discount code make it expire in a short perioud of time though to increase the urgency.

                  some people make their own product reviews as well :D


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                    Has anyone figured out how to show the review stars near the "Review this item" link? I'd also like to have a link say something like, "Read Reviews" if anyone knows how to do this as well.



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                      Want to put reviews on pages OTHER than the product page

                      Originally posted by DCG View Post
                      Trying to figure out how to do this...I want to show the 'star' ratings for products that have been reviewed on the main catalog and search pages underneath the product name.
                      I'd like to do this too, however I don't think the code is global. I want to put reviews on the category page, but if I use the tags [reviews_total] [totalrating] it won't work because there is no reference to WHICH product.

                      Can anyone think of some kind of work around?? I'd really like to have reviews other places than just on the product page!


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                        Review data will only show on the product page at this time. (as of the current version 3.1)


                        This is a 3.2 feature that has already been developed, so, it will be here soon for everyone. It shows Stars | # of reviews on the category, search, (all pages that products are displayed in category or listing view).
                        Gonzalo Gil
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