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  • Inventory controll sync

    anyone know a Cash register (for my brick and mortar shop) that is compatile whit 3d cart that would automaticly remove from internet inventory what i sell during the day at my brick shop?

    or a cash register that would export a exel product list of what i sell i could import at the end or the day too the website ?

    or any other system

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    Stone Edge POS?



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      that is exacly what i was looking for thx


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        you guys know any other?

        they don't have sale rep in canada and i dont feel like instaling all that myself
        + there not compatible whit my merchant account


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          I'm in need of something like this as well, and hopefully business will pick up so I can afford to get it soon. Let me know if you find anything cause I'd love to check it out as well.

          I'll keep you updated if I find something in my search.


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            Quickbooks has Point of Sale solutions. Microsoft may still have one too.


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              Oh, you don't have to have a sales rep. I didn't, and i'm no genius, that's for sure. SE will give you support, and it will be worth it.

              If it isn't, you can come back here in a few months and tell me I was wrong. But you won't!...not only that, but it integrates with other solutions, handles your shipping...and no, I'm NOT paid by them. I just like it. Ask other SE users.


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                I agree in support of SEOM! We didn't have a rep and we were able to install and use it with phone support--believe me, I'm not techno savvy! There is a little bit of a learning curve with the software, but once in place it works like a dream! I originally installed it so I could "quantify" all of my duties in order to hire someone to take over my day to day operations and free myself up. Well, after it was up and running I was able to do all of my order management in about 15 minutes (it was taking about 4 hours of my day) so I didn't even need to hire anyone!!! Needless to say, it is the most useful program I've ever had and I recommend it to all small businesses! :)


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                  I just want to let you know that I am available to answer any questions you might have about the Stone Edge Order Manager, including our integrated POS system.

                  The Order Manager does not have specific features for Canadian merchants, but we do have quite a few users in Canada. We are also planning to add support for the Moneris credit card gateway, which a lot of Canadian merchants use, towards the end of this year.

                  As for the QuickBooks and Microsoft POS systems, as far as I know they do not integrate directly with Web shopping carts so they can share the same inventory and automatically update the quantity on hand in the carts.


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                    The cost is what scared me away from Stone Edge...


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                      It used to be much better priced. It got bought out and the price and support went way up.