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What change to your cart resulted in increased conversion?

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  • What change to your cart resulted in increased conversion?

    Just curious what change seems to have boosted your conversion rate?
    Is it BBB logos, Hacking Proof logos or certs, your credit card processor displays, your "About Us" page, privacy policy, home page layout, shopping engines?
    Just curious if you notice some change you made and the positive results.
    I know it's hard to really discern what changed what, but, perhaps some of you have tools that disclosed this.
    I seem to get increased visits and sales when I update my googlebase and refine my keywords periodically.

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    Direct email marketing to subscribers. Absolutely my best tool.
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      I assume you mean just "subscribers' like you said.
      I have tried the snail mail post card to previous customers on two occasions. I had professionally printed cards and included a "coupon code". Nadda. Both Times. I have been somewhat hesitant to do email campaigns since I had a customer in the past ask to exclude them in future emails. So, I tread very carefully on the customer email area. However, perhaps I should take another look at the "mailing list" folks that intentionally "opted in" to the email list. One reason I hadn't looked at that is because I NEVER got a notification that someone joined my list!!!! :eek:
      I had to include a bcc to my email of my site on the auto generated emails for joining the mailing list! :o


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        Do you folks use the email marketting campaign/promotion feature?

        What's neat about discussing this is it doesn't matter what you sell, discusing this doesn't hurt in any way.....

        I issues a coupon code in all my emails and have had so-so sucess.


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          I turned it off and use ConstantContact.

          I LOVE the reporting features and it allows me to separate my subscribers list into interests. My subscribers can be notified of "Cross Stitch Only" emails, "Jewelry" emails or both. They decide.

          I never add anyone to the list unless they request it. I know you can add them if they have purchased from you in the past - but i don't do that - they have to initiate the subscription.

          ConstantContact charges a monthly fee and you can send as many emails as you want. It's expensive compared to FREE with 3DCart - but cheap compared to the Penny per subscriber fee that many email programs charge.

          I have REALLY good results using direct email marketing to announce new products or to announce a sale. Much better conversion that pay per click.
          C Ekman
          Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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            Vertical Response has been a great, great tool. I found their pricing for email campaigns to be very good as well. I don't like the pricing of their postcard services and when I do those, I opt to do it myself (with the help of a local digital printer).