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    I see that by default you can sign up for a retail account. Anyone using the wholesale account? We are looking to offer this and just wanted to see how it's working for those that use it.

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    We're not live yet...but do have a tiered wholesale set up. In testing everything has worked terrific and I'm very pleased with how it works (we had one wholesale client put through an order). If you're doing a simple wholesale structure (say 50% off SRP), you'll want to update your pricing on the main product page (cost) and the advanced section while editing/adding a product.

    If you have a lot of products with multiple wholesale levels, it's a little trickier. I think there are improvements coming...but when I did my import and couldn't find the proper import/CSV file - I contacted support who explained that in this ONE case (updating/importing all 10 pricing for my tiered wholesale & groups), the only way to do it was process the "Products" export file (in the top export section), scroll right quite aways until you find the pricing section - update/save, then import it back by using the Products Import (in the lower Import section). I originally did a spreadsheet in Excel with all the pricing/formulas to cut/paste - but it didn't import properly, so wound up having to retype everything in - the 2nd time, it worked like a charm.

    The only downside that I can see to the advanced pricing options (as it's currently set up), is that if you have a price increase down the line - your entire wholesale structure pricing will change as well - which means you'll be doing a lot of manual price changes through an import. It would be very efficient if they could make this an automatic price area/adjustment reflecting a manual price percentage off of your SRP...maybe working in conjunction with the Price Editor.

    I'll be looking foward to any new improvements in this area - but personally I think it' worth the extra administrative time - and it allows me to offer a few different pricing discounts all the time to certain wholesale levels, as well as customer groups.
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