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  • Promotion Based on Manufacturer

    I'm about to launch a promotion for all the products made my two of my manufacturers. Does anyone have any experience doing a similar promotion. It looks like I can only designate specific product or categories for promotions, and not manufacturers. That makes my job a lot more difficult, so if anyone has some kind of tip, I'd love to hear it.



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    Since you can't do promotions based on the Manufacturer, you really are tied into pulling the products you want to promote by the Category. So I guess the easiest way is to create two new Categories based on the Manufacturer name (if you don't want these visible on the main page, just click the box and hide these new cats) - then of course all you have to do is edit the products (add the hidden category in addition to your initial category). If you have a lot of products, then the quickest way would be to update them via an import. Then you can still promote your products through your email or special link or new content page with info...couple different ways to advertise the promotion :)

    I had a similar situation where I wanted to group certain products together for specific Collections. What I wanted to originally do was add another boxed section that would work like my Product Category section (complete with sub-cats). Since this wasn't a possibility, I was kind of tied to adding an additional category (but this may have posed a problem with Google as some of the products would be listed in multiple categories - I've had problems in the past with the Search Engines). I wound up utilizing the Manufacturer section for my Collections. Support updated the set-up changing it from drop down to single line for me. So now, I have three different boxed areas on the left bar (Browse by Product, Browse by Collection - which I changed the title in the template and also store language too I think, as well as, Browse by Price).
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      Thanks JLynn! I was about to change the pricing for all items from one supplier we are having a promotion for. Your solution was much quicker.