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    In the new version 3 demo, when a customer selects options that are not in stock (ie: Item 111 in red) a pop-up box that tells them "The options you selected are not currently available". Can anyone tell me where (or even if) I can change the language in that warning box?

    Maybe this isn't a new feature, but it doesn't pop up on my current site. I REALLY like it, since I have customers who can't read the in stock/out of stock message and get mad when their order doesn't ship immediately. This will help out a great deal! :)

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    My best guess is in the "System Messages" area of site design. There is store language and store messages. You have to check carefully,, because there may be more than one "wrong options" message, just as there is more than one "out of stock" message.


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      Thank you! That was exactly the page I was looking for and couldn't find.


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        Hope it helped! :)
        That's what the forum for! :)


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          Actually, after looking through all of them, I don't find any that had the same message as the pop up box that I'm receiving! Any other ideas as to where I can find these?