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Do you use the USPS auto rate shipping?

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  • Do you use the USPS auto rate shipping?

    Does anyone use the shipping methods to automatically calculate shipping for USPS?

    I've been working with support - and my rates will now display - but I'm having trouble getting them to be correct. This is probably the same issue Mark (I believe) had in a previous post - but I'm not sure.

    My problem is that I can't set an initial weight - like a box weight.

    For example - lets say I want to show an option for Express shipping. The customer selects a bracelet that they want shipped express.

    The bracelet only weighs one ounce.

    However the express box that the bracelet goes in, and the packaging I add brings the total weight to 10 ounces.

    If I let the shopping cart calculate the weight based on the purchase - then the customer is only charged $13.60 (or something like that). The should be charged a minimum of $19.50, depending on the state it may be around $22. That's a big difference.

    I can't just add an additional charge (say $6.00) because if the customer orders 10 bracelets then I would be charging them way too much.

    Has this been modified in the new version? I haven't taken a look yet.

    I really want to use the auto calculations because now that the post office charges by zones - shipping is a lot different if I ship to Florida than if I ship to Illinois. Especially for Priority and Express.

    It would be GREAT if we could add an initial box weight to the shipping method to be figured in to the total order weight.

    Any input/suggestions are much appreciated. Otherwise I'm going to have to start setting up custom shipping methods by state/country.

    Maybe I'm approaching this entirely the wrong way? BTW - I only ship by USPS.

    Thank you!
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    Yep, I'm with ya...

    This is an issue for me, too. I use the USPS actual shipping weights calculator to calculate the shipping cost.

    I sell Specialty papers. The majority of my items weigh well under an ounce, but 12 x 12 papers require a nice rigid large package in order to prevent them from getting all bent up.

    My most recent orders, since the update went in, have undercharged by a decent percentage (.80 cents charge, over $2 actual shipping in both cases). It seems like this didn't happen before the update, but I can't swear by that. I can't recall barely ever seeing an 80 cent shipping charge for any of my small orders before, Lol.

    I'm wondering if the shipping markup will apply only once per product... so if I say, add $1 for X Blue Paper, will 10 pieces only add $1 for the product, or will it add $1 for each.

    I need to compensate for an initial packaging that either constitutes a box for shipping, or large pieces of chipboard/cardboard for item protection.

    As it stands, I have a note on the footer of every page that states that my cart often overcharges for shipping, but that I always calculate it manually while packing and refund any real overages.

    Unfortunately, probably not everyone reads it, and some of the actual shipping charges my cart has charged has undoubtedly lost me some orders partway through. (Some I am AMAZED the customer went through with the order anyway, can only assume they DID see the note and believe me!)

    If anyone has discovered a solution, I'd be ecstatic if you'd share it. I've been looking and looking, but I can't seem to find a happy answer.

    Cyn :)