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  • Do you accept purchase orders?

    NO MORE! :(

    We offered this service in the past, but, like in another post, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Accepted a faxed in purchase order from a major state university, still awaiting payment. well over a month.
    I accept checks, though.... Just to dig..:cool:
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    Mark - You'll probably get your money if it's a major University. They're notorious for slow payments. You need to send an invoice with a finance charge for late payment. That will get their attention. You can always wave the charge once payment is received if they complain.

    For me, nothing goes out until payment received. I do accept checks (have only had 2 checks bounce in 8 years). However - I don't send orders until check is received and if it's a large amount from first time customer, I hold the order until the check clears.

    I have some regular customers that only pay with check. However - I would have to guess that 50% of the orders that want to pay by check/money order NEVER pay. I usually wait 10-12 days, send a reminder, then wait another 10 days, then cancel the order. Obviously inventory is tied up during that time.

    I've recently created a way with customer groups and payment methods to allow the pay by check option to be removed from repeat offenders.

    I had one customer who would place order after order and maybe actually pay for only 1 in 5. Now this option is not available for her.

    Have considered removing it - but some of my very loyal customers rely on it.

    One thing that would help is being able to have customers belong to more than one customer group. Does anyone know if that's been changed in the new version? Or - even better, on the ship methods have the ability to EXCLUDE a group - that way I could assign customers to a group called NOCHECKS, then on the shipping method EXCLUDE those customers from the Pay by check method.
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      Dead Beat Buyers customer group! I LIKE IT! :D


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        We are sorry to say that we will no longer honor purchase orders, checks, money orders, and any payment other than a credit card. Too many dead beat buyers out there. :rolleyes:
        New business plan revision.
        NO extended credit.
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          We are now trying to figure out how to screen certain comapnys/organizations from placing orders on our websites.

          We need a way to say, okay, you are a comany/org and customer groups do that?
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