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  • Incorporating videos in your website

    I have some videos on information and use of some of our products that are hosted on youtube.
    These videos demonstrate how to operate, maintain or clean our products.
    I create an "extra page" and paste in this code:

    Click the arrow to view the video

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="344"></embed></object></td>

    This frames the youtube video on your page and works nicely. Thought I would share.....:)

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    I like the service "vimeo" more then Youtube.

    They offer better quality, and a cleaner interface. Also when the video ends they only show other videos by you. On Youtube, when the video ends the person is given a choice to watch other videos by all users.

    here is a link to a sample:



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      Good Points,
      I really didn't like that the choice to view any video remains after they view it. I'll keep an eye on my bandwidth.....
      Actually, I'd much rather host my own videos with wmv or something like that. Anyone know how to host that on the cart? :confused:
      I'll checkout vimeo. Not sure how to copy video or save video and then upload to vimeo. I'll look. Thanks.
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        I use a slideshow on my homepage that is in .wmv format, although I suspect users that don't have internet explorer don't see it.

        I had to do some searching on the internet to find the html code so I could insert it onto my homepage. But it turned out much better than I expected.


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          For some reason their servers can't handle an upload of a big file through the file manager?
          I'll keep trying.

          You can't upload big files. Hmmmmmmmmm......

          There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.

          We apologize for the inconvenience! Please try again in a few minutes.
          An e-mail has been sent to the administrator about this problem.

          Click here to return to the page you came from.

          error '80020009'
          /err_handler/handle_error.asp, line 173
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            Perhaps you should use FTP if the file is over 3MB, it will be faster and more reliable to upload that way.
            Gonzalo Gil
            3dCart Support
            800-828-6650 x111


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              I'll check out Vimeo, that for the link.
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                I would go with youtube for the fact that Google at times pull videos on the searches. You may get your video shown for some of your keywords, specially if you are doing videos on specific products and customers search for that product in particular.
                Gonzalo Gil
                3dCart Support
                800-828-6650 x111


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                  Thanks for responding. I would like to know if 3d can host a wmv file? I want customers to stay on the site that's why I used an utube embed. Works wonderfully. Can I ask does this go against our bandwidth? Just how does that work with an embed?
                  Not that it's a problem (yet) just curuius. Thank you for responding to our posts on the forums. It really helps us (at least me) and is appreciated much. :)
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                    Thanks Gonzalo, yes the file was 18 Mb. I was able to load via ftp. Thanks for the suggestion..:)


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                      okay, I have the movie uploaded and can make it play, just, how can I embed it and make it play is a small screen like the utube videos will do, anybody??



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                        Would it be too incredibly off topic to mention that David at NMTEACO not only has a great looking site, a VERY effective and attention capturing blog (including some very cool video), but also a fantastic selection of high quality gourmet loose leaf tea!?

                        I found David's site by searching for "loose leaf tea, 3dcart." There it was - not only a great source for quality tea, but a 3dcart family member, too!

                        We have been making it a point to add the "3dcart" search term when searching for products to buy online. There's a LOT of fantastic businesses out there that are 3dcart family!

                        OK... there's my plug for the day (aka. "sucking up" for future favors) for one of our own! ;)

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                          I agree--VERY nice site, David, and what a great idea to look for other 3d members when shopping :)


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                            i did this a different way.

                            instead of cluttering the product description with flash video code, i:
                            1. modified the product listing template to link to another html file
                            2. the html file is "[productid]_video.html" this way product 37 will be 37_video.html
                            3. then i create the html file and put in the youtube code.
                            4. use the image function to determine if the video icon should show...this way only products that have video will show the play button

                            still working on it and the video is terrible...but you get the idea:
                            wedding invitation with video
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                              great ideas! :)