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Why are my https pages being indexed???!?!?!?

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  • Why are my https pages being indexed???!?!?!?

    For example:

    https://www.yourwebsite name

    Is this a 3dcart issue or a Google issue.

    I contacted support and they said make sure you have no links with the "https" in them. Well, I have no links like that. Is this a robots.txt issue? How can I get google to stop indexing my https pages?
    I really don't know where to turn. I've never seen this behavior in the past.
    The only info on this matter I can find is that a competitor has provided a in-link to your website using your https as a method to downgrade your SEO

    Please advise, anyone? :confused:
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    I have the same issue. It seems it might be with the "review" version of the product page but that is just from speculation/observation.

    I just removed the review code (no one used it anyway since I didn't fish for reviews) and we will see if that takes care of it.



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      I recently noticed this for products only. I never looked before so I don't know if it has always been this way, or it recently became this way. I don't like it, largely because it says 3dcartstores in the url then.

      Ok, and it is not even all of my product pages. It seems so random.

      Anyone know how to correct this issue?
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        I don't think it can be "corrected".
        If you have an https site, Google will find it. :)


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          Hmm...bummer. :/


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            I know, I don't like it either.
            When we launched our second site, I noticed that the https pages were being indexed much more than the http pages. It still is that way somewhat, but, a few are still out there. It does look odd on the search results pages, but, once I saw it was happening to many other sites as well, I just ignored it.


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              I just noticed the same thing the other day! Do you think this is new with V3 or was this always happening? I really don't like it because it displays to the customer the warning about secure 'things' - they may think something is wacko - plus the warning is displayed every time they go to a new page.

              Any ideas - I can't find any reference to https: anywhere in my site - is there a way to have the entire site scanned to see if we have an https: reference somewhere?
              C Ekman
              Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                I don't know, it appears to be something google does now...indexes https pages. If you do a search on it, there appear to be a lot of people who don't like this.

                If anyone ever figures out a way to stop this, please let us know.