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Batch resize doesn't work properly

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  • Batch resize doesn't work properly


    I want all images resized to max width 450. I do not want the height to be restrained. So, I put in setting general, 450 X 750 as the large image size.
    I batch resize, and my image comes out 567w X 750h. (reisizes the width beyond what I want!)
    So I reverse my settings to 750 X 450, batch resize, and my image comes out 400w X 450h. :mad:

    Apparently, there is no way to make my picture max width of 450. The batch resize only works on the height figure and not the width. Bummer.

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    batch resize

    I had a problem like that on another site and it turned out it was the size of my page that messed it up.
    thx, wabbster


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      So... it's not that it doesn't work properly - just not "as expected?" ;)

      Do you happen to have PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements? Both do an excellent job with batch resize tasks.



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        Yes, I use Photoshop Elements. And it works!
        So should 3dcart's product.


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          Perhaps you missed the ;) in my statement, Mark? Wasn't trying to attack you - just trying to find out if you had another software solution to get the job done sooner rather than later and without the frustration.

          Perhaps a ticket to the tech support gang would be in order? They may not even be aware that the resize is driven by height only and not by both height and width?? I know that they read their support tickets much more often than they read through the posts.

          On a different note, Mark - I see many posts from you encouraging more participation from members on this forum. Argumentative replies to posts with the intent of offering assistance do not encourage expanded participation. ...just one idiot's opinion.



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            Argumentative replies to posts ?? :confused:
            You're making light of things that don't work on a product we pay for.
            I wasn't being argumentative, just posting my findings.
            Perhaps I am doing something wrong, that's what i was trying to find out.
            It's an inconvenience, not a service down issue.
            I don't want to open a ticket first, I want to check the boards first as I always do. They've got hudreds of tickets a day, and if the boards can help out, that's great.
            Okay, let's go the photoshop route. What do I need to do, download all my images from 3dcart, then, run a batch resize and then upload again? Does this count against my bandwidth usage? :confused:


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              Hey! Now wait just a dog-gone minute here! I don't just make light of things that don't work... I make light of EVERYTHING! :D

              The best way to find out if indeed something is being done incorrectly, or if something doesn't work as designed, etc. is (as Gonzalo, Jimmy, Carlin, Robb, Samantha, and Joe the Plumber have repeatedly requested) open a support ticket.

              Then... PLEASE, come back and let us all know the proper method, workaround, etc. you've discovered!

              I, like you, feel we can all learn a LOT from each other!

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                Mark - yes this would most likely count against your bandwidth.

                Didn't see attacking or argumentative posts on either side. :)
                C Ekman
                Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner