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Configure an "order fee"

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  • Configure an "order fee"

    One of our distributors charges a fee per each "order" processed.
    For example, each order is charged $10 no matter the size, quantity, shape or format of the order. Then, real-time shipping is applied. Okay, this works fine, but, how do I do that in 3dcart? I tried putting the "fee" in the shipping section of the item information page, but, that gets applied for each item ordered if they order multiple qtys, in addition to shipping. So, ie: item qty one is cost+fee+shipping
    two items is cost+fee+fee+shipping
    Is there an easy solution I am missing here? :confused:

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    Darn, wish I could get this fixed before buying season.


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      There is no way to do this at this time. Some time ago we had implemented custom programming for a client that needed to charge $X/item on top of the shipping fees for handling for a specific distributor. So it is "possible" but not a standard feature, something we need to custom setup for your store. If you are interested in having this added please email us the specs of exactly the way you want it to work and I will get you a quote.
      Gonzalo Gil
      3dCart Support
      800-828-6650 x111


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        Thanks for responding. I always check here on the boards to make sure I haven't missed something or tried to do something that might not work as intentioned.
        This is a particlular issue I've troubled with for some time. One of our distributors charges a "UPS fee" of X dollar amount. Okay, it's four dollars! :rolleyes:
        But, that is "per order", so, it's really hard to be competitive if, they order one item, all is well. If they order 4 items, we've over charged, and, aren't competitive anymore. We've checked competitor websites and they have it set it should work. Hmmmmmmm, darn, I really wana get this to work. I'll sleep on it. Thanks for responding....:)


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          Cant you just add it to the Shipping fees under Settings>Shipping>Shipping methods?
          Have a magical day,


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            Not sure how a dollar amount would work in the "markup" entry. I don't know if that applies to each item in the shippment or the shipment toatl?
            Anyway, that wouldn't help, since the charge is "distributor" specific. :(