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  • removed Google Analytics......

    Ever since we added Google Analytics, seems like (just maybe a cooincedence, but, not sure, too freaky cooincidental if I may say so) our sales went down.
    I removed our acounts today. Will check in a few months to see if changes made. Same with Sitemap.
    We've been online retailer for 3 years and since we added these "features", traffic and sales plumetted. Will need several months to tell, but, we think we made the right move.....
    Have heard tell of "analytics" using site visits and traffic to set your page rank.
    We did just fine without these "features" so, time will tell...:rolleyes:

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    If you are like us and have added any features in the last year it seems to no avail since sales are down. I don't think it is the features. It a real pain right now to judge effectiveness of anything. Sometimes i feel just waking up is having a negative effect on sales. That said i have been agonizing the numbers and analytics is actually helping to calm my nerves. Sales are down but at least advertising costs are down proportionately.

    Eight years of being online and sales are the lowest we have had. i want to go back to the good old days when things were steady and even. AH- 2006.

    As someone said
    "It's the economy stupid" Just a quote not you.



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      We have ranked pretty well for three years and I noticed a decline somewhat with giving goole more info than organic findings. I looked into it a little bit further and realized why analytics is "free". Nothing is FREE. And, I bought into the notion that Google is using that info for rank. It makes perfect sense now that I think on it. The popularity of your website "ecommerce" section of the analytics makes sense for goole to use that in rating a site.
      This is pure speculation on my part, but, we must again analyze the benficiary of a "free" service.


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        And, yes, sales are relatively dismal. However, we did have enough gross sales revenue by breakfast this morning to carry our fees for the month! :D
        Monday are good.